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Dr. phil. Nina Clara Tiesler

Senior Research Fellow
Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon
Study Groups: WF, FM & FD

Research interests:

Since having concluded my PhD in Comparative Studies of Religion (University of Hannover, Germany, 2004), I am a Research Fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences at the University of Lisbon (ICS-UL, a Centre of Excellence), working in the areas of Sociology and Anthropology with special focus on Migration Studies. I am research active in the area of Sports & Migration and Studies in Leisure & Popular Culture (focussing on migrants), having co-ordinated an international team project on the role of football among Portuguese Diaspora communities in six different countries across three continents, funded by the Foundation of Science and Technology (FCT), Portugal, 2007-2011.

Current research:

  • International Migration of Women Footballers
  • Football Immigration & Emigration: The Portuguese case
  • Sport & Religion as social capital resources among the “second generations”
  • Gendered Leisure & the Impact of Sport participation and consumption among migrant communities
  • Empowerment of (migrant) girls through sport participation

Selected publications:

Books editor

2012 | (forthcoming) O Futebol Português. Política, Género e Movimento (Portuguese Football. Politics, Gender and Movement), with Nuno Domingos, Lisbon: ICS.
2008 | Globalized Football: Nations and Migration, the City and the Dream, (hardcover), London, New York: Routledge, Series: Sport in the Global Society, ISBN 9780415450508, with João Nuno Coelho, 272 pages.

Special issues of peer reviewed journals (Guest editor)

2012 | (accepted) ETNOGRÁFICA (Cria), Diasbola: Football and Portuguese Emigration, (journal indexed at European Science Foundation, AERES and CAPES).
2007 | SOCCER & SOCIETY (Routledge), 8 (4), Globalised Football, with João Nuno Coelho; 242 pages.
2006 | ANÁLISE SOCIAL (Social Sciences Press, ICS), XLI (179), Futebol Globalizado, with João Nuno Coelho, currently in 2nd edition; 357 pages.

Articles in peer reviewed journals

2012 | (accepted) “Cultural attachments among Portuguese in Germany: Football and cuisine as platforms for international encounters”, Etnográfica, with Nélia Bergano.
2007 | “Globalised Football in a Lusocentric Glance: Struggles with markets and migration, traditions and modernities, the loss and the beauty”, Soccer and Society (Routledge), 8 (4): 419-439, with João Nuno Coelho.
2007 | “The Paradox of the Portuguese Game: the omnipresence of football and the absence of spectators at matches“, Soccer and Society (Routledge), 8 (4): 578-600, with João Nuno Coelho.

Online publications

2011 | “Main trends and patterns in Women’s Football Migration”
2010 | “International Migration of Women Footballers. Selected Data”
2010 | “Selected Data: Two Types of Women Football Migrants: diaspora player and emigrants”
2009 | “Diasbola Country Report Germany”with Nélia Alves Bergano

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