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Paul Darby

Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise
School of Sport Studies
University of Ulster

Research interests:
My research interests lie in the social sciences and history of sport and are focused around association football and Gaelic games and their relationship to politics, identity, colonialism and globalisation. I have published on issues relating to the role of Gaelic games for Irish immigrant communities in the United States, African football labour migration to Europe, the position of Africa within the context of FIFA politics, football related disasters and the intersections of sport and sectarianism in Northern Ireland.

Current research:
I am currently working on a project exploring sports labour migration which is funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). The project is being conducted as a collaborative venture with Alan Klein and compares and contrasts the role of football academies in Ghana and baseball academies in the Dominican Republic in facilitating the transit of athletes from the developing to the developed world. Theoretically, the project is concerned with addressing the ways in which sports labour migration can shed light on globalisation.

Selected publications:
For selected publications vistit my website.

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