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Christian Ungruhe, M.A.

University of Bayreuth, Social Anthropology
Study Groups: FM

Research area & expertise:

Christian Ungruhe is a social anthropologist at the University of Bayreuth (Germany) and conducts research on the topic of migration practices among young African football players to Europe within the Bavarian research network formig (“migration and knowledge”). In particular, he is interested in the various pathways of young footballers and how they are embedded in local cultures of mobility and migration.
In addition, he is a PhD student at the Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies (BIGSAS) at the University of Bayreuth. In his dissertation he deals with labour, youth and strategies of achieving adulthood among northern Ghanaian migrants in the load carrying business of Ghana’s southern cities.

Current reasearch interests & projects:

Football Migration – A Dream of Europe (headed by Erdmute Alber)

For a couple of years, football has provided young Africans with the possibility of going to Europe in order to achieve a better standard of living. Although only a few actually make to the top, the dream of Europe is ubiquitous among all young talents whether they are playing in clubs, soccer academies or just in the streets. However, media reports exclusively focus on problematic implications: the accusation of human trafficking, the exploitation of the local game and the danger of racist attacks at the destinations. Yet, little is known about the actors’ perspective in the process of football migration. Therefore, we aim at exploring pathways to and experiences in Europe by participant observation among street footballers and young talents in football academies in Ghana, biographical interviews with African professional and amateur players in Germany and additional expert interviews with player agents, coaches and football functionaries. In this context, a key objective is to include male and female perspectives

Selected publications:

with Erdmute Alber (2011): Fans and States at Work: Eine Reise ghanaischer Fußballfans zur Fußballweltmeisterschaft 2010 in Südafrika. In: Nikolaus Schareika, Eva Spies und Pierre‐Yves Le Meur (eds.): Auf dem Boden der Tatsachen. Festschrift für Thomas Bierschenk. Köln: Rüdiger Köppe, S. 395-414.

2010 | Symbols of Success – Youth, Peer Pressure and the Role of Adulthood among Juvenile Male Return Migrants in Ghana, Childhood 17 (2): 259-271.

Link to full CV or homepage.diasbola